This emulator would certainly never have seen the light without the precious contribution of AMSTRAD CPC / Z80 enthusiasts who allowed me to learn and share a lot of technical information. They allowed me to use precious test tools in order to test the robustness of the emulator.

AMSpiriT would never have reached its current accuracy level without the extraordinary documentation work of Serge Querné (alias Longshot from Logon System), author of the "CRTC compendium", a invaluable source of verified, tested, proven information. Thanks also to Serge for having accompanied me almost daily these last months by providing me with customized test sets (Shaker) to perfect the emulation of CRTC 0, 1 and 2, including on very obscure and poorly documented features (notably interlace). The compendium is available at this address.

Thanks also to AMSpiriT's discord members, they will recognize themselves for their support and their interest in this project which now goes beyond a simple hobby. Special Thanks to Ced for the marvelous logos!

Thanks to the members of the FORUM.SYSTEM-CFG forum that I thank a lot for their encouragements and their contributions to the improvement of the emulator: Lone (author of SugarBox emulator), Markerror, Sebiohazard, Zebulon...

I think I'm forgetting a lot of people and I apologize for that, in more than 4 years of development I've surfed a lot on the internet to get all the relevant information.

ZiLOG Z80 (un)documented behavior - Baltazar Studios
In my previous post, I described an Arduino dongle and the software that can be used to clock a Z80 CPU and dump the states of its buses and pins while executing a controlled set of test cases. Here I show a trace of every single Z80 instruction as run by that setup. I also outlined ...continue read…
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