Coming soon

Coming soon

Despite its 4 years of development, AMSpiriT is far from complete and will continue to evolve, with the priority of achieving the most perfect possible emulation of the different types of CRTC.

The emulation of CRTC types "0", "1" and "2" has now reached a level of accuracy very close to reality. It is not yet 100% perfect, but it is getting very close. The next step in the development of AMSpiriT will be the implementation of accurate emulation of CRTC type "4 - Pre-ASIC".

A CTM monitor emulator is planned for an ever more realistic management of the "distord" effects in particular.

A last big project to finish will be the improvement of the floppy disk/cassette access and the opening to new file formats (SNA in particular).

For the CPC developers that I am starting to work with, improvements will be made in order to be able to port the AMSpiriT Core to alternative platforms other than Windows.

Finally, another big project in the pipeline is the emulation of the CPC "plus" and its proprietary ASIC. A lot of work ahead.

Be patient, the best is yet to come ?