Release 0.845b!

Release 0.845b!

New version, wit a lot of improvements, a new CRTC supported and a major refactor : by separating the emulation core from the GUI, It will make it easier to support other operating systems and integrate the core in other apps/frameworks.

Main features:

  • Full CRTC 4 (Pre Asic) Emulation
  • Emulation Core is now available as a static library (.lib/.h)
  • Extended ROM management
  • Better CTM emulation (CSYNC Signal)
  • Better HSYNC emulation for CRTCs 0,1 and 2
  • CDT Files: Direct Recording

It now emulates perfectly 1 pixel hardware scrolling as demonstrated in shaker tool:


Notes de version

  • Emulation complète du CRTC type « 4 » (pré-ASIC)
  • Ajout de la gestion des ROM additionnels
  • Evolution dans l’émulation du CTM (gestion signal CSYNC)
  • Export du Core AMSPIRIT dans une librairie dédiée
  • Correction de la gestion HSYNC pour les CRTC 0, 1 et 2
  • Fichier CDT : Ajout gestion BLOC_ID 0x15: Direct Recording